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Our Story

In the tradition of drinking and eating establishments that have connected neighborhoods and neighbors across the city for generations, Footman Hospitality has opened the doors to Little Victories in the heart of Wicker Park.

Housed in a former warehouse conversion, Little Victories welcomes you with a centerpiece horseshoe bar. Vintage-inspired booths and wallpaper are paired with two Chicago past-time favorites: billiards and darts. There’s nothing fancy here, simply good times, good music, real drinks, and friendly service.

The cocktail program is focused on simple classics that aims to maintain the integrity of the classic cocktails everyone knows and loves. Little Victories also offers a rotating selection of canned and draft beers featuring microbrews and craft beers from Chicago’s many local breweries. The wine list is simple, easy and fun.

Little Victories celebrates the big things that arise from the accumulation of small achievements. And there is perhaps no better way to do so than over a game of darts & billiards with friends and a drink in hand. 

It’s easy to focus on life’s everyday defeats; we think it’s time to focus on life’s Little Victories.